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Why Do Painting Contractors Need Digital Marketing?

As in every trade, painting contractors take immense pride in their work. The quality of their work plays a big part in generating repeat and referral business. Unfortunately, while they are fantastic painters, they aren’t always the best at marketing their business. “Word of mouth” is the most common form of marketing we see in the painting industry. The problem with word of mouth is it is a passive result of your painting. People outside of the social network of your previous clients usually have no no idea that your business even exists..

Plus, studies show that as a society we are less social now than we have ever been, and that’s a trend that started well before COVID-19 forced us into social distancing!

How people make buying decisions

In fact, people rarely consult their friends or family before doing independent research and making purchases. Most people’s first instinct is to Google it! On top of that, most people don’t scroll through all the Google results because there are too many. Users typically click the most relevant result that’s closest to the top of the page. In fact, 95% of clicks on search results are completed on the first page of Google with the first search terms people type.

Where small businesses have to show up online to get customers.

Traditional marketing, like coupons, can work to a degree but it relies on discounts and workarounds that can bring down the quality of your business process and brand value. Further, traditional marketing costs much more and does not give you measurable results. The only way you know if a TV ad is working, is if your customers tell you they saw the commercial or you have a huge noticeable increase in people calling your business, but you have no way of knowing if the increase is due to the TV ad or some other variable. Plus, people hate ads that interrupt their entertainment outside of the Super Bowl!

Traditional marketing, like coupons, work to a degree but this method relies on discounts and workarounds that can lower the perceived quality of your business’ brand value. Further, traditional marketing costs much more and cannot deliver measurable results. TV is another example of an unmeasurable marketing tactic. The only way you know if a TV ad is working is if your customers tell you they saw the commercial. Even if your phones start ringing off the hook, you cannot be certain whether those calls are a result of people seeing your commercial or some other factor. The ability to measure and replicate effective marketing techniques is the key to sustainable lead gathering.

Why not choose a marketing strategy that increases customer volume, and have the data metrics to prove and repeat it at a much lower cost? Wouldn’t it be nice to track your call volume directly from the marketing channels you use? Don’t you wish you could reach more potential clients without going door to door and leaving flyers, or relying on word of mouth?

Digital marketing is the solution for all small business owners, especially in the painting industry, to grow their business. 

Whether you are an interior painter, exterior painter, commercial painter, cabinet painter, or a crazy masochistic deck painter, digital marketing will expand your brand reach further than the traditional marketing techniques of the past.

What do I need to get?

Digital Marketing involves several tactics for reaching your customers, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC), social media, content marketing, and much more.  The average digital marketing agency will try to sell you on everything. In reality, the marketing services that paint contractors need are fairly simple, and the main factors to consider are the size of your business and what your current digital assets are.

For example, if you have a medium-sized business with a nice website ranking locally on Google with a Google My Business page, your goal may be increasing your digital presence in nearby cities. A Local PPC package that shows ads only to people looking for your business services in nearby cities would help you achieve this goal

Maybe you are just starting a new painting business, and you’ve only advertised your services on your personal Facebook page. To be competitive in your service area, at minimum you’ll need a simple website that lists your services and your contact information. You’re going to need a logo that represents your brand as well. These key elements along with the specifics of your business location and contact information, are all you need to get your website started up and running. Once your website is built, you will need Local SEO to make sure people are able to find your site on Google. Our Digital Starter Pack is the ideal solution for the painter who is ready to step up their digital footprint and reach customers outside of friends and family referrals.

As a painting contractor it is critical that your business is publicly viewable on search engines like Google. That way, you have the best chance at reaching the local clients who need your services but haven’t heard about you (yet). Don’t leave money left on the table and start increasing your painting projects today!

In a world where every product and service lives in the digital landscape of the internet, paint contractors without a strong digital marketing strategy get lost in the millions of search results generated by Google. If you’re ready to step up your marketing for the 21st century, iMay Media’s digital marketing specialists have the tools and skills to put your business on the map.

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