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Researched a purchase with Google beforehand.

We maximize your profit at minimal cost

We’re a full-service media marketing company bringing brands and individuals together through passionate storytelling, beautiful design, audio/video, web, social & more all designed to grow your company as much as possible. Our services can help you double or even triple the amount of revenue you make per month/per year if managed correctly. But it’s the price you’ll really fall in love with. Not only are we one the best values of any company in marketing, we’re also one of the most fairly priced agencies currently in business today. 

We offer the lowest rates for contractor websites, SEO, and marketing services

We’re the first marketing agency ever created to meet the specific needs of contractors and the only one that specializes in exclusively working with them. Every single one of our clients are hardworking skilled tradesmen, all of our products and services were designed with them in mind, and our commitment to value all allows us to offer the best service, at the best price.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing covers everything from websites to AdWords, Facebook, and SEO, employing a wide range of multi-media content to truly showcase your brand across multiple platforms. If it’s marketing, and it’s online, it’s more than likely digital marketing. In fact, most companies in the United States engaged in marketing only invest in digital. There are many good reasons for this but the main reasons are simply that it’s cheaper, more effective, and better for their business.


iMay Media’s web development team uses the latest in templates and techniques to build sleek and functional websites for both desktop and mobile views.


Even the most beautiful websites and content are ignored without digital strategy. Our search engine optimization ensures that your websites are at the top of Google results — first time, every time.


In addition to SEO, SEM is the forefront for a digital marketing campaign. SEO takes time while SEM is instantaneous but both are extremely powerful sales generating tactics.


With businesses, everything starts at the logo. A logo is enough to define your company for years to come and the quality of your logo can mean actual real world dollars in lost or gained income. 


Gone are the days of mailers, cold calls and Yellow Pages ads. imaymarketing harnesses the power of the most popular social media platforms to raise your digital visibility and clientele.


We believe that there’s no better way to communicate a personal brand than professionally produced video content. We will take your message from stale prose to a platform of color, energy, and inspiration.


Lower cost
Digital marketing is far cheaper than traditional marketing. Typically the return on investment can be almost double. Digital marketing focuses on where the eyeballs actually are.

Sell Everywhere
Websites and e-commerce enable you to sell your services to people all over the country, state, or local area.

Data Collection
Online marketing platforms are able to track and measure customer behavior and habits with minimal effort. This constant data allows you to refine and optimize your approach to marketing.

Possibly even more important than just the data, online and digital marketing services integrate with an expansive range of other online business solutions to provide functionality unmatched in the real world.

Where should I start first?

We recommend everyone interested in marketing services with us start with a low-cost marketing analysis so we can identify exactly where you need help and how we can help. Both services also come included with a complimentary credit so you can find out exactly what you need, how you need it, and have an expert explain all of it to you at your convenience.

Here to help no matter what.
We pinky promise.

Do I need marketing?

It’s possible! We aren’t quite master psychics yet so we can’t say for certain but what we can say is that marketing is absolutely necessary when running a modern day business. Doesn’t matter the industry, the geographic area, or the customer base because every business eventually hits a point where it cant grow any bigger without it. 

Once you hit a certain level it just becomes a necessity to continue the growth of your company. This is why large scale businesses typically employ their own marketing departments. That’s where we come in, with iMay Media you don’t have to hire any new employees, we just take care of all the work for you. 

New company?

Yes, we love working with new companies. We even offer a number of services that are made specifically for new companies that lack a logo, a website, or any digital presence of any kind. We can help take you from absolute scratch all the way to digital masterminds should you wish.

We don’t believe that one size fits all and really our most important criteria is what you, our lovely client want to get out of your marketing services. 

How do I generate more leads?

Achieving business success, like so many things in life, often depends on what you’ve actually defined as being a ‘success’. For 99% of people that answer will end up being “money”, financial independence, and general wealth no matter what. After all, what’s the point of waking up each day to run a business if there’s no financial reward in it.Generating more money in any business can be difficult, if it was as easy as  “wanting more money” or so simple as a basic fix or new approach we would just discover these mistakes on our own. The reason we never do is because nothing worth doing is ever that easy and there is no basic method known to most people. So what’s the solution here, how do you make more money as a business, and grow your company? You do it all with marketing!

Most people know marketing is the perfect tool to build a business with but what most don’t know is that on-average marketing is one of the safest and financially responsible purchases a company can make. Why is this? Well, the cost/benefit analysis for most marketing services usually results in an average return rate of three times the original marketing spend, ensuring that business owners are all but guaranteed to recover whatever money they spend on marketing, of any kind, and can expect to see their profits double or triple during that same time as well. Contractor websites, SEO, and marketing services are a win-win situation.

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